Moab KnowledgePlastic Bag Ban

Moab became the second city in Utah (after Park City) to ban the use of plastic bags. In an effort to have a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly community, the plastic bag ban will reduce the use of throwaway plastic products that are harming our waterways and oceans.

So, bring your reusable bags when shopping in any Moab store. If you don’t have one, the grocery stores and most stores sell them (a great souvenir!).

The ban does not include pet waste bags. The Moab Barkery sells doggie bags that are made with an additive which helps them break down, unlike traditional plastic bags.


Moab is surrounded by national parks and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land. Each governing body issues permits that regulate the type of activities that can take place on their land. Not only does this protect the wildlife, but it protects the land from overuse. Plus, permits have a silver lining: fewer people.

Outfitters may have permits for some areas, but not others, and some outfitters are the only ones with a certain permit. For instance, there are only three permits issued a day for rafting on the Colorado River through Westwater Canyon, which limits this area of the river to 75 users per day. Does your outfitter have a permit? And, if so, do they have a spot for you? The 25 spots for these popular trips go quickly, so plan ahead.

Permits also apply to private trips. It’s best to plan popular trips (Needles backpacking, White Rim camping, etc.) in advance and have some flexibility and understanding of the permit system.

Watch Your Step

In the desert, a dark crust of lichen, mosses, algae, and bacteria holds the soil in place. This dark crust is called cryptobiotic soil and looks remarkably like dirt, but it’s actually a self-sustaining biological unit that is essential to the health of the desert ecosystem.

Cryptobiotic soil grows on barren ground and takes decades to become established, but just one second to be destroyed by careless footsteps.

Please bike, hike, and drive only on established trails and roads.

Leave Nothing Behind

All trash, including food scraps, empty cans, bottles, and any litter, especially used toilet paper, are ugly to see and dangerous to animals. If you bring it in, take it out! Help us keep our environment pristine for years to come by disposing of your litter properly, and this includes toilet paper.

Dedicate a nylon stuff sack as your trash bag. It’s easy to wash and reuse. Or, use a small plastic bag for your toilet paper and put that in a trash can at the end of your day. If you come across litter while on the trail, please do us a favor and pack it out. Future visitors, wildlife, and locals will thank you!

buy it where you burn it

Sitting around a campfire comes with a night of camping. But where you get your firewood can have long-term effects on the area. Wood from different areas can have invasive species in it. These species, whether it’s a bug or a disease in the tree, can then be spread to this area.

Buy and burn firewood locally. Do your best to buy only what you’ll need for your stay, and burn it all before you depart.

Firewood is available at convenience stores in Moab.

liquor laws

Utah’s alcohol laws are different than other states. Alcohol beverage service in a licensed restaurant requires that you order food with your drink. If you only want a drink and no food, head to a bar. The legal drinking age is 21.

Packaged liquor, wine, and beer “to go” are sold at state liquor stores.

The Moab state-owned liquor store is located at 55 W. 200 South. Open 11am-7pm. Closed Sundays and holidays.

Get the Scoop

The Moab Information Center, located downtown, has maps and guide books available for purchase, along with highly-knowledgeable staff.


Arches National Park has a webcam at the entrance station, and Canyonlands National Park has one stationed at the visitor center with views of Island in the Sky district,

Red Cliffs Lodge also has a webcam with a beautiful view of the Colorado River,

Electric Car Charging stations

Moab has 10 level 2 charging stations at five locations throughout the community: Moab Springs Ranch, Adventure Inn, across from Swanny Park, and near the Center Street Gym.

If you are headed out to play a round of golf, the Moab Golf Course has a station as well. For more information visit

New flights to moab

Getting in and out got much easier with United’s new daily flights to and from Denver, Colorado. Plenty of businesses offer gear sales or rentals so you can fly in and get started on your adventure.

A lift

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