We are in this with you and it sucks…a lot!

We want to be outside playing, hiking, riding, and enjoying the national parks close to home.

We are in full support of stopping the spread of this virus so are staying home. Yet, we can all dream about and research our “yay, this is finally over” vacation. Our website can help you with this.

Our Moab to Monument Valley GuestGuide has been delivered all over southern Utah. (We can send you one as well). It’s a wonderful book that I am very proud of! Our team continues working on our Estes Park publications (Vacationland is celebrating the 70th edition!) and we promise the high-quality publications that you have come to expect from us.

Please consider purchasing a gift card or two from a business in the town you are planning to visit. They could use the help right now, and then you will be set for your future vacation. 

Thanks for visiting our site! 

Susie and the GuestGuide Team

Cronoavirus - COVID-19